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RESFT 101: Intro to Quantitative Fit Testing
This course is an introductory level course which provides students with a basic understanding of quantitative fit testing principles and techniques. This is an overview, and designed for students just beginning fit testing process. The course is structured as a lecture, and will help to develop the foundation of answering questions such as; ‘Why is fit testing important?’, ‘What are the advantages of quantitative fit testing?’, ‘Who should be tested?’

RESFT 101 Slide Presentation (PDF)

RESFT 203: Flash Drive Database Exchange function
This course is designed to support the Stand-Alone operations of the Portacount Pro/Pro+. This includes an example of creating, importing and exporting a database via the FitPro software to a flash drive.

RESFT203 Slide Presentation (PDF)

RESFT 301: Troubleshooting – Failed Fit Tests
This course will provide the tools necessary to analyze and troubleshoot a failing fit test. The students will see how the Real-Time Fit Factor Display, available within the FitPro software and Stand-alone mode can help to resolve these fit testing issues. We will also look at other common culprits, such as incorrect filters or damaged mask components.

RESFT301 Slide Presentation (PDF)

RESFT 305: Reports – Modification & Creation
This course provides instruction on how to modify an already existing report and how to create your own FitPro software reports. We cover removing reports, editing reports and selecting the printer.

RESFT 305 Slide Presentation (PDF)

RESFT 201: Portacount Pro-to-PC Communications
This course develops an understanding of the principles for setting up and confirming Portacount Pro/Pro+ communications. There will be discussion on the most common communication issues that one might face in the field and how to resolve those issues, including installation of the USB device driver software.

RESFT201 Slide Presentation (PDF)

RESFT 205: Analysis of the Daily Checks and Real-Time Fit Factor Display
This course offers a detailed explanation of why we perform the Daily Checks and what the Daily Checks can tell us about our operating conditions. Students will gain the tools necessary to critically evaluate future Daily Check issues. We will also discuss the Real-Time Fit Factor Display and the benefits of this function in the troubleshooting process.

RESFT205 Slide Presentation (PDF)

RESFT 303: Database Management and Global FitPro Options
This course educates students in the process of transferring a FitPro database from one PC to another PC, discusses benefits of the Merge, Copy, and Split functions as they relate to database management and organization. Students will also become familiar with the Global FitPro Options menu.

RESFT303 Slide Presentation (PDF)