Fit2Fit – Fit Test Providers Accreditation Scheme

A scheme designed to confirm the competency of any person performing facepiece fit testing.

Recent market research indicates that up to 50% of all RPE used does not offer the wearer the level of protection assumed and one of the major reasons is that it simply does not fit!


Yet, under the regulations RPE must be correctly selected and this includes, for all tight-fitting RPE, a face piece Fit Test conducted by a competent person. So how can you be sure the person conducting the fit test is competent?

In view of these major concerns the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF), along with the HSE and other industry stakeholders have developed a competency scheme for Fit Test Providers. The Fit2Fit scheme, for the first time in the UK, will provide a basis to confirm the competency of fit test providers through a series of theoretical and practical assessments.

Accreditation will be offered in any one or all four of the main fit testing methods:

  • Qualitative Fit Testing (taste test)
  • Quantitative Fit Testing (Portacount) with N95
  • Quantitative Fit Testing (Portacount) without N95
  • CNP (Controlled Negative Pressure)

Fit test providers can find out more information about the new scheme and apply for Fit2Fit accreditation through an online enquiry form available through the Fit2Fit website at

RPA & Fit2Fit

RPA are very pleased that our fit testing consultants have become the first Fit2Fit accredited fit test providers in the UK under the new scheme.

RPA are working closely with BSIF and HSE to promote best practice, to increase the profile of fit testing and improve the practice of fit testing within the UK. We provide on-site contract fit testing services to clients throughout the whole of the UK and pride ourselves on our professionalism, efficiency of service and customer support.

For anyone seeking to attain Fit2Fit accreditation, our Full-day Fit Test Operator Training courses (Qualitative and Quantitative) aim to provide the necessary theoretical and practical elements required of the HSE Competent Person criteria. We strongly recommend that fit test operators should acquire at least one month’s practical experience in their chosen test method following formal training before progressing to Fit2Fit assessment.

For Further information regarding the new Fit2Fit scheme use the following links:

Training Dates


Friday 21st June
Friday 19th July
Friday 16th August
Friday 20th September

Friday 5th July
Friday 9th August
Friday 6th September


Thursday 20th June
Thursday 18th July
Thursday 16th August


Wednesday 7th August
Thursday 29th September


We are happy to arrange on-site training courses for 3 or more delegates anywhere in the UK. Please contact us for details.

Email us for further details at