Fit Testing

The Facts

Fit Testing is required for all disposable, half and full face masks (these are classed as ‘tight-fitting’ facepieces). If your operatives wear tight-fitting facepieces in the workplace then you will need to provide evidence of a fit test for each different make, model and size of mask they use.

The decision to carry out fit testing in the work place may be the best Health & Safety decision you’ll ever make.


Why choose Fit Testing with RPA

Fit Testing is our business.

…and we’re passionate about providing the very best individual service we can for each and every one of our customers and wearers. Our team of Fit2FIt accredited consultants carry out thousands of fit tests every year throughout the whole of the UK for clients in every business sector. We truly are the industry experts, so if you’re looking for the best, then you’ve come to the right place.

We provide:

  • On-site Contract Fit Testing throughout the UK and Ireland
  • Regional Fit Testing days throughout the UK, see our ‘Up Coming Courses’ for information about dates and locations
  • Fit Testing for 1 to 100 Operatives per day
  • Fit Testing for all mask types including Full Face, Half Face and Disposable Masks plus BA and SCBA masks
  • Full range of masks available for test purposes
  • HSE-compliant reports and certification

Fit Testing not only ensures that you stay HSE-compliant but also provides the vital last link in the chain of respiratory protection.

We can also offer:

  • Advice on RPE selection
  • RPE and Site-specific training
  • Masks and filters for purchase
  • Fit Testing Program Management
  • Fit Testing Operator Helpline 0117 983 7867

Training Dates


Friday 20th March
Friday 24th April
Friday 22nd May
Thursday 25th June

Thursday 26th March
Friday 17th April
Friday 15th May
Friday 12th June


Thursday 19th March
Thursday 23rd April
Thursday 21st May


Friday 28th February
Friday 27th March
Friday 22nd May


Thursday 5th March
Thursday 30th April


We are happy to arrange on-site training courses for 3 or more delegates anywhere in the UK. Please contact us for details.

Email us for further details at