Repeat Fit Testing

Repeat Fit Testing has always been considered by the HSE to be a ‘good practice’ policy, with annual repeat testing for workers who are using RPE as their primary means of exposure control.

HSE282/28 Fit Testing of Respiratory Protective Equipment Facepieces (version 3: 23/06/2010) states that:

‘It is good practice to have a system in place to ensure repeat fit testing of RPE is carried out on a regular basis. This is especially important when RPE is used frequently as a primary means of exposure control, e.g. annual testing for workers involved in licensed asbestos removal (L143 paragraph 198).

A repeat fit test should in any case be conducted in the following circumstances:

1) where the wearer:

a) loses or gains weight;

b) undergoes any substantial dental work;

c) develops any facial changes (scars, moles etc) around     the faceseal area

2) where the employers health and safety policy requires it.’

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