Fit2Fit Coaching

RPA have always worked very closely with the Health & Safety Executive and BSIF in the UK and are very proud to have recently been appointed Examiners and Assessors for the Fit2Fit scheme. With a wealth of experience in practical Fit Testing combined with expert Portacount technical know-how, we are very proud of our unrivalled levels of expertise in the UK. This unique combination of skills and knowledge allows us to provide training courses which are second to none in terms of depth, skills and practical advice.

Fit2FitThe Fit2Fit accreditation scheme is designed to assess the competency of Fit Test Operators against the guidance set out in HSE282/28. Assessment is made through a series of multiple-choice questions and a thorough practical assessment in each of the chosen test methods. To apply for Fit2Fit Accreditation please contact BSIF through the Fit2Fit website at:

RPA are in a unique position to offer a new coaching course for those planning to seek Fit2Fit Accreditation. Fit2Fit Coaching is a Full Day course aimed at experienced Portacount or Qualitative Fit Test Operators who wish to revise their skills and knowledge prior to attempting a formal Fit2Fit Assessment. A formal Portacount or Qualitative Training certification is a pre-requisite for this course and we expect that candidates should have several months experience of Fit Testing prior to attempting to achieve Fit2Fit accreditation. Fit2Fit Coaching can be provided at one of our regular scheduled courses in Bristol or on-site throughout the UK. Please see our forthcoming dates for our next scheduled training courses.

Course Outline

Morning Session
Fit2Fit Scheme Aims and Objectives
Competency of Fit Test Operators
Fit2Fit Presentation
The Syllabus
HSE282/28 in Detail

Afternoon Session
Extended Practical Session
Further study
Feedback on Competency

Operator Training

RPA are TSI Channel Partners and Portacount Training Partners for the UK. With over 10 years experience of Face Fit Testing we provide TSI-authorised training, technical backup and fit test consultancy services for Portacount users throughout the UK. All our trainers are experts in RPE Fit Testing and have a wealth of experience of practical fit testing with every type of mask.

Training Dates


Friday 21st June
Friday 19th July
Friday 16th August
Friday 20th September

Friday 5th July
Friday 9th August
Friday 6th September


Thursday 20th June
Thursday 18th July
Thursday 16th August


Wednesday 7th August
Thursday 29th September


We are happy to arrange on-site training courses for 3 or more delegates anywhere in the UK. Please contact us for details.

Email us for further details at