TSI Portacount 8040

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The new TSI PortaCount® 8040 Respirator Fit Tester.

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The new PortaCount® 8040 Respirator Fit Tester features intelligent touchscreen solutions, supporting respiratory protection programs from training through compliance.

Product Details
Only PortaCount Fit Testers provide one consistent and objective testing experience across all respirator types, including all N95 filtering facepieces. New features like FitCheck™ Mode and animated fit test steps now help users achieve a better fit for respirator wearers more quickly. FitCheck Mode shows in real time how respirator fit changes throughout donning and adjustment, helping users select the right mask and identify the right fit more quickly. Video animations guide staff through the proper movements for each test exercise, providing a consistent testing experience and freeing administrators to multitask. Choose the most trusted fit test instrument to increase your staff’s safety, and improve your program’s efficiency and productivity.

Software and application details
TSI® has redesigned every aspect of the PortaCount Fit Tester’s FitPro™ Ultra software. An all new user interface and industry-first features combine to create the most powerful fit test instrument available. From touchscreen tablets to PC laptops, the software is easy to use and similar to applications on your own personal devices.

Quantitative respirator fit testing (QNFT) Half-mask fit testing Full-face fit testing Disposable filtering-facepiece fit testing for FFP3* Masks (*see the Portacount 8048 for fit testing of FFP1 & FFP2 disposable masks) SCBA fit testing Gas mask fit testing PAPR fit testing