HSE282/28 Fit Testing Protocol

Fit Testing Exercises

The HSE information document 282/28 recommends that Fit Testingprotocol should comprise a minimum of 7 exercises which should be performed for at least one minute each. The wearer must achieve an individual pass result in each of the 7 test exercises within one single testing period. ie if a single one of the exercises fails then the whole test must be repeated. The minimum time required to conduct one face-fit testto include purging and ambient sampling time is 10 minutes, although at least 20 minutes should be allocated to each individual test in order to allow time for training, donning and instruction.

Download the HSE282/28 Document (PDF)

The recommended fit testing exercises for both Qualitative and Quantitative tests are:

  • Normal Breathing
  • Deep Breathing
  • Head Side to Side
  • Head Up and Down
  • Talking
  • Bending
  • Normal Breathing

HSE 282/28 recommends that these exercises should be performed while the candidate is performing a dynamic movement such as: cycling on an exercise bike, walking on a treadmill or carrying out a stepping exercise. The exercise regime should induce a physical workload on the wearer which aims to simulate working activities and work rate.

Fit Testing Pass Levels

The minimum Fit Factors which should be achieved to pass a fit test depends upon the type of facepiece being tested:

  • Half Mask and P3 Disposable Mask Pass Level = 100
  • Full Face Masks (All types) Pass Level = 2000

It should be noted that the Fit Factor should not be used when calculating an individual’s actual exposure to hazardous substances. The Fit Factor is the result of fit testing and is valid at the time of testing only. The Assigned Protection Factor (APF) should always be used when selecting RPE for use at work.

Training Dates


Friday 21st June
Friday 19th July
Friday 16th August
Friday 20th September

Friday 5th July
Friday 9th August
Friday 6th September


Thursday 20th June
Thursday 18th July
Thursday 16th August


Wednesday 7th August
Thursday 29th September


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