As part of the British Safety Industry Federation’s (BSIF) established relationship with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), a new joint initiative is to be launched entitled “Clean Air? Take Care!”. This respiratory campaign aims to help reduce occupational respiratory disease by raising awareness of the issues that surround it.

In recent research it was established that 5.5 million workers are exposed to respiratory hazards in the workplace. Of these, approximately 50% wear respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and of this group, only 50% wear equipment that is correctly selected and fitted. This means that only 25% of those at risk are adequately protected: it is likely that the remaining 75% could experience a resulting degree of ill health during their lifetime.

Employees have a right to be aware of the potential dangers that they face in their workplace and to be given the opportunity to protect themselves adequately; employers have a legal obligation to ensure that their workforce is protected as far as is practical.

The “Clean Air? Take Care!” campaign will increase awareness, highlight the problems and promote sensible solutions to respiratory protection in the workplace. Through a range of national activities and educational seminars, RPE users, employers, fit testers and advisors will be targeted with simple information on the correct selection, deployment, use, maintenance and storage of RPE.

For further information on the “Clean Air? Take Care!” campaign, visit or call the BSIF on 01745 585 600 or the HSE info line on 0207 717 6000.

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